• Size of frame(l/w) :-   1360mm x 720mm x 2 pcs (rectangular shape)
  • Dimension On Hanging (l/w/h) :-  1360mm x 720mm x 1200 mm (two connected pots)
  • Upper & Middle Frame is 16 mm Pipe SS 304 & Lower Frame is 19 mm Pipe with inserted S.S. Rod.
  • Entrance :-  2 Pcs Monofilament net with 20,one at each opposite face in the lower pot
    720 mm x 600 mm at entrance, Hopper shaped and ends 230 mm x 130 mm and is 400
    mm depth and another entrance at the middle frame located breadth wise and length of the
    opening is 1000 mm.
  • P.E. Netting, Blue, Diameter 2mm, Mesh Size 12.5mm Square Mesh. Entrance, Nylon Mono Netting, Mesh Size 20
  • Two Zip with 600 mm opening is provided at one side of the connected pot.
  • Weight 15 kg
  • Hanging Rope provided at one side of the bottom frame.