Mono Longline Fishing

Nuovafil mono long lines are made out of high strength, soft quality Nylon Co-Polymer filament. These long lines have excellent coilability and its stoppers are either handmade or made out of plastics on machine as desired by customers.

Our mono branch lines has an edge over other competitors due to its higher knots strength.

  • Size :-   1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 mm in different DBS (Distance Between Swivels)
  • Colour :-   As Request.

Rope Longline Fishing

Nuovafil Longlines Fishing ropes are manufactured on high-tech machines imported from Italy and Germany in technical collaboration with European and Scandinavian countires. These are made out of Danline,Polyster individually or mixed. The plastic/steel stoppers are mounted by machines to provide accurancy and consistency for smooth operations. Our long lines are widely accepted owing to their strength and flexibility and their ability to yield more catch.

Mono Branch Lines

Our Mono Branch Lines are made out of soft quality special Nylon Co-Polymer, which has an edge over other competitors since our branch lines have higher knot strength.

  • Size :-   As requested
  • Colour :-  As requested