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Nuovafil & Infoteck Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% Export Oriented Unit, located at Coimbatore , India.

Nuovafil manufactures and exports wide range of products for fishing and technical textiles. We make sports fishing & commercial lines, synthetic & braided ropes, fishing twines & nets, sewing threads, snoods, long line fishing gears & tackles and various kinds of crab pots & fish pots.

Synthetic monofilaments which finds application in paper felt, chafer fabric, sutures, velcro and bristles for both tooth brush and shaving brush and other industrial applications are also manufactured to customerís specific demand.

Nuovafil has the modern and up-to-date manufacturing facilities consisting of imported machines. Machines from companies like SIMA & LEZZENI of Italy, Memmingen, Hacoba, Herzog from Germany and Extrusion plant of ESL UK are an integral part of Nuovafilís manufacturing facilities.

Nuovafil sources high quality raw material from Germany and Japan in order to achieve stringent quality requirement of international standards and to produce durable, economical and eco-friendly products.

Our capability of satisfying the customers' demands had created an edge over our competitors. Nuovafil is achieving

Nuovafil & Infoteck Pvt Ltd.,
177 Devendra Street
Vedapatti PO.,
Coimbatore 641 007 (India)

Phone : 91-422- 2617801 / 3252391/ 2618946
Mobile : 91 9843134420 / 9360034420
Fax : 91-422-2617800

E-mail :,
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Online Shop : Nuovafil Shop

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