Support Wire For Optic Fiber Cable
Replacement Of G.I. Stay Wire

Our Stay Wire which is now replacing GI Wire everywhere in the world including Cable Industry.

  • Safety :-   Non – Conductor of electricity easy to work with.
  • Long Life(l/w/h) :-   UV Stabilized, Minimum 9 years warranty. unaffected by frost and heat
  • Does not rust 40% – 50% more cheaper than G.I. Wire
  • Corrosion and Abrasive Resistant
  • Lighting proof

Additional Benefits – When compared to Stay Wire:
  • As we use 3 multi strands for the manufacturing of this rope. The Collective Strength is more than the regular stay wire.
  • The guides/tie wires move less in comparison to the regular stay wire as the surface is rough.
  • The length in comparison per kg is 20% more than regular stay wire.

Size :- 3 mm / other sizes as requested
Packages :- 500 mtr, 1000 mtr Bobbin / Reel