Replacement of G.I. Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is made with high quality, high tenacity synthetic line wire and G.I. is used only for Barb on specially designed automatic twist machine.

Barbed wire commonly used in grass field edges, railway, high way, prison and the privacy fields for separation. Barbed wire have common twist type is Double Barbed Wire only.

Silent Features of Barb Wire
  • Long life and Low Cost
  • Easy to install by any one
  • Re-usable and Restorable
  • Lighter and Flexible compare to regular G.I. Wire
  • Longer life than G.I. Wire as no rusting of line wire
  • Barbs are fixed between wires and not moveable
  • Adaptable for all fencing needs
  • More environmental friendly
  • Uniformly zinc coated barb wire

Technical Specifications

Wire consists of line wire and barbed wire. Generally, line wire gauge is larger than barbed wire

  • Available Sizes :-   12 (2.5 MM)
  • Line wire Gauge (Synthetic) :-   14 (2.2 MM)
  • Barb wire Gauge (G.I.) :-   3-5 inch
  • Length :-  19 MTR to 25 MTR per KG (Depending on Line Wire Size)

Applications of use

Barbed Wire has been widely used in military field, prisons, detention houses, government buildings, other national security facilities, Land fencing and protection, Animal cages, Home and business security fencing aid.