NuovaFil & Infoteck Pvt Ltd

Nuovafil Nuovafil manufactures and exports wide range of Technical monofilament / multifilament / polymer wires, yarns, lines for Agriculture, Cable Industry, Fishing, Construction, Face Mask and more.

Nuovafil Nuovafil is backed by technocrats with over 20 years of experience in their respective fields. It sources high quality raw materials in India and also imports from Germany and Japan. This helps us to achieve stringent quality and to produce durable, economical and eco-friendly products. Our capability to satisfy the customers demand had created an edge over its competitors. Nuovafil is achieving greater heights with customers satisfaction worldwide.

  1. Begining of Journey
  2. Introduction of Revolutional Technology
  3. New Factory Production
  4. Agreement signed with PPFGH
  5. GoldenTex Award
  6. Collaboration with OOKLPL.
  7. Collaboration with OOKLPL.
  8. Collaboration with OOKLPL.
  9. Collaboration with OOKLPL.
  10. Collaboration with OOKLPL.
Expert Team

Meet the Dream Team

Mr.Rakesh Sahai

Managing Director & Founder

Ms.Anju Sahai


Mr.Amresh Kumar


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We envision a global textile industry that protects and restores the environment and enhances lives.

177, Devendra Street,
Vanniampalayam, Vedapatti,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641007.
+91 77088 05775
+91 78068 52391

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